I have been a photographer for more than 20 years.  Photography based jewelry is a new direction for me.  I have always been interested in making found object jewelry, so it was a natural progression to move to cameras.  The change in photographic technology has lead to an abundance of abandoned analog cameras.  I started taking them apart with some trepidation and a lot of guilt.  My father's Argus, which he used during WWII was the first camera I dissected.  What an epiphany, I have always thought of cameras as tools, and now see them as jewels.  It's so amazing to see the inner workings and discover the incredible beauty of each and every piece.  Most of the parts I incorporate show quite a bit of wear and tear, with the beautiful patina of age.  I enjoy working with things that have a history, creating something new out of something old.  Each piece is one of a kind, with much time spent on combining parts for their beauty not functionality.